It’s been awhile since I wrote a post. There’s been a lot going on and we have even changed three times how we do school since I’ve last written. I think we have finally found what works best for us.

First, I want to tell you about the toy drive we had for the holidays. We usually pick two kids off the Angel Tree at school. This year, with homeschooling, we decided to have our own toy drive. Childhood Cancer has touched our lives through a couple friends. Logan and Gavin came to me and asked what we can do to help these families for the holidays. I was introduced to Calyn who was looking for toys for 70 children affected by childhood cancer. Calyn runs Fight For Gold, she does whatever is needed to help families through this time in their lives including babysitting, taking the kids out, and of course Christmas. 

The boys had two weeks before Calyn needed the toys, so they set out to find donations. They created a flyer (with some help from me) and took the flyer to all the stores that sell toys in our area. These places did not donate since we weren’t a non-profit or a school, but it was great speaking experience for them, as all I did was the driving, they did the talking. They took flyers to their dad’s work and walked around handing them out and talking to people, they did get a few donations that way. Their biggest donors were friends and family. They were able to collect 40 toys! They were so excited and when Calyn came to pick up the toys she had kids names all over her van that she is helping. Both, Logan and Gavin, told me this was the best thing they have ever done for Christmas and were so happy that many kids would be getting the toys. 

If you are homeschooling or not, this is one thing that every parent should do with their kids. It doesn’t have to be a toy drive, but anything that will help someone. We will be looking at more activities like this throughout the year. 

A few things that have changed with our homeschooling is that we are now using Google Classroom and it is amazing! The boys now each have their own desk (thanks to a friend for donating them). I have cut my hours at work so I can focus on schooling better and we have come up with a system for them to earn electronics time. All of this information will be in the next post. 

In the meantime please educate yourself and your kids on childhood cancer and read about the many awesome groups and nonprofits that are helping these families. A few of my favorites to check out are: Fight for GoldFinn’s FightersFAM – Fighting All Monsters, and Angling for Relief. There are so many other great organizations out there. Spread the word and help bring awareness to childhood cancer.