Where to get books now that your homeschooling… Not curriculum books, but reading, fun workbooks, and so much more.

There are so many places one can go, especially online, to get books for the classroom. I stop at Goodwill’s and look at their books. Some places have all books for $1, others have them for a couple dollars more. It’s amazing the books you can get there for cheap. One visit that I made I found Of Mice and MenCharlotte’s WebTop Entrepreneurs and Their BusinessesThe Worst-Cast Scenario Survival HandbookMy Everest Story, and a few more. While I’m there, I also look at their school supplies. Sometimes they have nothing, other times they have just what I need.

Another place to get books is social media. Yes, that’s correct social media. Look at the Facebook Marketplace. People give them away for free sometimes or a couple dollars.

My favorite place to order books from is…

Scholastic! Homeschool parents can set up a teacher’s account so they get the same discounts a teacher and shop at the Scholastic Teacher’s Store. Not only that but they can earn reward points and bonuses when purchasing. In my first order, I ordered Last Kids on Earth all three books, Kids Get CodingDiary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking BallDiary of a Friendly Kid, a book about video game creators, two I Survived books, a joke book, and the new Dog Man book. Out of all of these, I got three of them free and extra points. Anyone that signs up for a teachers account or homeschool account does have to go through a process. You have to fill out a form online then Scholastic will email you a couple weeks later asking some questions and to verify that you do homeschool. This is why you need to keep your Letter of Intent. Scholastic also sends the flyers for the grades you teach so you can hand them out. If you would like to support our classroom and order your books through us, our class code is: W93FW. 

All of these choices are good for any grade from Pre-K to High School.