This post is a week late and a totally different subject then I wanted to write about. But if you’ve been reading my posts then you know that homeschool is like that for us, always changing. I will share about Scholastic another week, this week we will talk about a few things, mostly rescue rabbits.

Before the boys were born, Paul and I got a rabbit and named him Midnight. We had Midnight for Twelve years. He was there when we brought both boys home from the hospital and was the first one to greet them. He lived in our first apartment in New York and moved with us into our first house. He also moved with us to Florida. He was a very spoiled bunny and in the end had arthritis and stopped eating and drinking. We had to put him to sleep after twelve years.

It took us two years but we finally decided to welcome other rabbits into our home. This time we are fostering the rabbits in hopes to help as many rabbits as we can find a good home. While we are fostering rabbits, Gavin is learning about rescuing animals. Logan is too, but Gavin is the one that wants to rescue elephants when he grows up. We are sharing photos of the rabbits on social media and taking them to events to try and get them adopted by a good family. While we have them, we are taking care of them. We have blocked off our dining room and part of the living room so they have plenty of room to hop around. We feed them or I should say the boys feed them. At first I supervised and showed them how much to give the rabbits and now I just remind them when it’s time to feed. I clean the litter boxes and brush the rabbits. 

We will bring the rabbits with us the Tampa Bay VegFest on Saturday but will only be there from 10 to 12. So stop by and meet Pebbles and BamBam this weekend. I will have more on actual curriculum in another post.

Well, not only did my post subject this week change at last minute, but our homeschool schedule has changed once again. I am now working from home on Tuesdays. So we can now de field trips or special classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday they will come to work with me and work on subjects that I pick that day and the regular subjects when we get home. This past Monday I had to get an oil change. I had the boys bring their school stuff and we did school at the car dealership in the waiting area. Everything went good and they were done with school work before the oil change was done.

Today, we went on our first homeschool hiking group hike. We got to meet another family that homeschools with older kids like us and we had fun. We learned that we need more hiking supplies and when we got home we researched and learned exactly how compasses work.

I am working on blog posts about Scholastic, MOSI homeschool classes, and so much more. I’ve also been signing up the boys for Minecraft Mania at MOSI on Saturdays for two hours. They love the classes and I love having two hours to myself. Next week will be their first homeschool class and it’s about coding. Another thing I’m working on is finding Lego or engineering classes for homeschool because Logan is big into building. He builds stuff with Legos without looking at any instructions and is pretty good. Below is a gun he built.