Oh my gosh! So much has happened since I last wrote that I don’t even know where to begin. This post will probably look like my mind, a million things going on at once, so I apologize ahead of time.

Let’s start with our schedule. Remember the first schedule post I made where I talked about changing the schedule about fifty times (ok that’s over exaggerating.) Well I decided to change the schedule again about a week ago. Doing homeschool work outside of the home isn’t working for us. So we decided to homeschool Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tuesdays are just too busy with karate. However next week our schedule will change again, but I’ll save that for next week.

We are now keeping an open mind and being very flexible with our schedule and how we learn. Take today for instance. We had a hike scheduled with a group I found on Facebook. Well, it rained today and we couldn’t make it to the hike. This morning I set them up on Prodigy to do math, they absolutely love Prodigy. We will start integrating Prodigy into their math lessons. Then they each did a cursive writing worksheet. I found lots of cursive worksheets on TeachersPayTeachers.com (awesome website for curriculum.) Next they wrote a paragraph about the Tampa Tattoo Convention they went to yesterday. Yes, that’s right they went to the convention with us, it was a good learning experience to see many different artists and artwork.

While I was at a PTA lunch, Paul took them to some Goodwill stores to look for a few things. I told the boys they had to write five sentences about their trips and their papers had to convince me to visit a Goodwill store. One did awesome! The other, is still learning to follow directions.

One of the best things to happen last week was that I went to a class on Monday called Homeschool 101. It was with KimberleeBee, KimberleeBee does homeschool evaluations for I believe she said about 600 kids! Her class was very informative and I learned a lot especially about how to keep track of their work. I’m starting to do things different and will share that in another post. But if you are new to homeschool or have been doing it for awhile and are in the Tampa Bay area, I highly suggest you look her up. Fun fact there are 90,000 homeschoolers in Florida and 15,000 of them are in the Tampa Bay area. We are really lucky to live where we do for homeschool.

One more thing to mention… I was sick for two days and in bed. Well, when you homeschool and have your kids home while your sick… it ends up sounding like a heard of elephants live in your house that feed themselves and feel the need to stomp around and scream until Dad gets home I may have woken up to the above face one or two times. We call it his creepy face. Good news though! They did their school work without me asking!

Some other fun things that happened this week that I’ll touch base on soon… We became a foster family for rabbits and have a bonded pair living with us right now. I got a teacher account with Scholastic Books. The boys are signed up for their first MOSI Homeschool class in November. We got a Wii and several attachments with it at a Goodwill and I’m going to figure out how to integrate that into their lessons. So even though things are all over the place and there’s so much going on, it’s all working out and we will get in to a routine eventually. We are a work in progress.