There are so many ways to Homeschool and everyone does it differently. So how do you tell the kids you’re taking a week off of school but secretly teach them? Easy, life experiences! Tell the kids they are taking a week of school and you are going on vacaction.

I’m a little behind in blog posts because we took last week off and went to visit family in Michigan. So this post is about how we homeschooled on the road to Michigan. 

We left Sunday morning and drove nine hours to Chattanooga, TN. I bought the boys a road atlas for the trip and they kept track during the drive of where we were at. It’s really easy when you tell them what state and just follow the line that says 75. They learned how to find the state and different roads then they learned how to look up where we were by looking at road signs.

When we got to Chattanooga we went to Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls was both a history lesson and a science lesson. We learned how Ruby Falls was found while the tour guide took us on a hike underground through the caverns. We also got to see the original crawl space that was used. During our history lesson, we learned about different rock formations which turned into our science lesson. The boys loved learning about the history of Ruby Falls and how it was discovered. I loved that they had a history lesson and didn’t even know it. 

Oh! Did I mention they also had a geography lesson and a P.E. lesson? That’s right! When we went to the top of Lookout Mountain above Ruby Falls, they climbed so many stairs! There was an elevator but I made them walk. Once up on top of the mountain they got to see the geography of Chattanooga, a river, mountains, all the buildings it was so pretty!

The next day, Monday, we finished our trip to Michigan and drove ten hours. The boys followed along in the atlas and we made it to Michigan by 3pm. The following day, we visited an apple orchard. It was the boys first time since Florida doesn’t have apple orchards. While at the orchard, we got to do a corn maze and taste fresh apple cider and cider doughnuts. We also rode a tractor around the orchard and saw all the different apple trees and pumpkin patches.

On Wednesday, we drove up north in Michigan to Kaleva. Kaleva is a very small town with a very cool bottle house. That’s right! A house made out of bottles! We have been there before but Gavin couldn’t remember so we drove by and took pictures and looked at the outside and learned the history from the signs, but it was closed that day so we couldn’t go inside. While in Kaleva, we picked fresh fruit from the garden and learned how to find good tomatoes and what ones were bad. We also took a short hike on a trail to a creek. While walking on the trail, a snake crossed our path. On the way back at the same spot, the snake ended up around Gavin’s feet and he jumped as he realized what was at his feet. The snake slithered away and both kid and snake were unharmed.

Let’s not forget to mention all the beautiful fall colors we got to see on the drive up north and back down! This was the first time the boys got to see so many trees with different color leaves.

A few other things we learned on this trip… Logan learned about tipping at restaurants, we all learned some family history out of Scotland, and that driving for so many hours is tiring! We are all glad to be home and get started on our next adventure…